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Depression and how our virtual therapy sessions can help

Depression and how our virtual therapy sessions can help

Mental health issues have been on the rise for some time now and have been disproportionately affecting the youth of today in record numbers. Depression is one of the biggest mental health issues in the modern world. In the wake of the pandemic, businesses across the world went into the digital space. Virtual therapy is no different, as practitioners started treating their patients through the digital world. Virtual therapy sessions can be highly beneficial to those ailed by depression, whilst remaining safe during the pandemic. Virtual therapy can work just as well as traditional treatment methods and should not be discounted as lesser in value.

While the benefits of an online therapist are numerous and extensive, it is important to first understand what depression is and how it works, before understanding how virtual therapy sessions can be of immense help in the fight against this mental health issue.

What is depression?

Depression is defined as a chemical imbalance in the brain which affects serotonin levels. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of happiness in day-to-day life. As such, low levels of serotonin can significantly hinder your mood and general feeling, as well as your outlook on life. It can make it hard to do anything, even small things like getting out of bed, and can even cause feelings of suicidal ideation. It is easy to see why depression can debilitate someone and must be treated with online therapy in Australia.

How will our virtual therapy sessions help?

According to Very Well Mind, depression is a highly treatable mental health disorder in which people can respond very well to treatment including virtual therapy sessions. This is great for people who suffer from depression, and often believe there is no hope or help for them. Our virtual therapy involves having an online therapist session over the Internet in which patients can discuss their feelings and emotions, receive advice, guidance, medication, and a treatment plan from their chosen practitioner.


Medication is an important part of virtual therapy, as a practitioner is able to decide which medication is appropriate for the patient to use in order to lessen the symptoms of depression. Medication comes in the form of SSRIs, which act to affect the serotonin receptor to relieve symptoms of depression and improve mood. There are many different types of medication, and these video calls can help our practitioners to start the patient on different types to determine the one that suits best and offers the most benefits.


Psychotherapy involves talking to an online therapist about your problems, feelings, mood, emotions, and life. Many patients find it cathartic to be able to let out their thoughts and feelings in a safe space, which can be beneficial for those with depression who often try to mask their emotions. It can help to relieve stress, make it easier to be consistent with a treatment plan, discuss possible side effects from medication. It is essential to allow for the patient to open up and be free to speak their mind, and we encourage this completely.

At Recharge Wellness, our team of professionals offer virtual therapy sessions for patients suffering from depression. Our experience and qualifications makes us experts in the field who can form a treatment plan, prescribe medication, and create a safe digital space for patients to speak their mind and slowly recover from depression. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, feel free to contact our team and get in touch with our professionals who will be able to help.


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