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Benefits Of Online Stress Counselling

Is Online Counselling Effective?

Every now and then we always receive the same types of questions:

“Will I get the same outcome if I speak to someone on the Internet?”

“How effective is it REALLY?”  

Because of this, we thought it’d be a great idea to break down and help you make the decision as to whether this is right for you or not.

What Is Online Counselling? 

Online Counselling is the use of therapeutic modalities via web-based platforms such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and voice calls. In other words; online counselling is speaking with a therapist through the internet.

To simply answer the question, online counselling is effective and can help you on your journey to achieving better mental health however, the ‘why’ is really important. Why is it so effective and why does it seem to achieve such impressive results compared to its more-traditional counterparts.

According to an article by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 80% of people reported web based platforms to be more effective than traditional therapy and 98% found it to be more convenient. That’s a really key point to mention, the convenience of it because it alludes to the reason why people find online counselling to be so much more effective than traditional therapy.

Benefits Of Receiving Online Counselling



People often subscribe to the option that makes the most sense. For example, if you have to choose between traveling 9 hours by bus to go to the best gym in the country vs. traveling to your local standard gym, chances are you’ll choose the more convenient option. As we all know, the gym is all about consistency therefore, having a gym close to home is essential. 

The exact same principle applies to therapy.  When there are too many barriers involved in going to our traditional face-to-face psychologists, chances are we tend to drop off. That’s where online therapy makes a huge difference because of its frictionless approach. At Recharge Wellness, you can have online counselling sessions on your terms.


As previously mentioned, the big point that makes online counselling so effective is the elimination of barriers. When you’re going through a hard time, the last thing you want is 

for the process that’s meant to be helping you harder than it needs to be. The flexibility of this model allows people to efficiently blend therapy into their everyday life.

Sometimes life happens and we have to stay home with the kids or fly interstate for the weekend, this no longer becomes an issue so you can still have your therapy sessions with your psychologist regardless of where you are. 


With the rise of technology, we can adjust our sessions based on your schedule. Because of this, the psychologist can work outside of the typical clinical hours because they don’t have to be in the office all day to take sessions. They can also be almost anywhere! As there are an unlimited amount of appointment times to choose from, this makes online counselling more convenient for clients to continue their therapy sessions. 

Better Matching

Better connection with your therapist means better conversations. We sent out a survey to the thousands of clients that we’ve helped and one of the consistent questions that were asked was whether they had found the session effective or not. For most of our previous clients, they highlighted connection and rapport as key to healing. If they were not able to confide or trust their therapist, this hinders their ability to fully recover. 

Online counselling allows for a much more rigorous screening process prior to the session, so that we know exactly what your concerns and goals are. Because our services are over the Internet, we have the ability to build a larger pool of quality psychologists across the country. 

With more options for psychologists, the likelihood of matching the client up with the right psychologist dramatically increases. With traditional therapy options, they are limited to the availability of psychologists within their local area. This puts the client at a disadvantage if the online counsellors within their area are not suited to their needs and goals. 

So, Should You Try Online Counselling?

Online counselling has proven to be a very effective method for many people and maybe the right option for you. However, everyone’s individual needs and the situation are different so it’s important to speak with a professional to help you determine that. If you’d like to speak with one of our Mental Health Nurses to see if this would be the right option for you, click the link below to book a time that works for you!


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