The Story of Recharge Wellness and Our Mission to Transform Mental Health Support.

The Recharge story started off the back of Founders Nick and Femi identifying thousands of people within the system falling between the gaps: the gap between being ‘okay’ in the community and needing hospitalisation. After working many years in the public health sector, we realised people need simpler ways to access effective mental health support, regardless of their stage, situation or status.

Coupling effective technological solutions including software platforms with high quality professionals, we found that having a discreet and tailored approach to skill acquisition along with support from experienced professionals was the most effective way of reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety within our demographic.
our vision

A future where everyday Australians have adequate access to mental health support regardless of their stage, status or situation.

the mission

Recharge conceptualises and delivers innovative opportunities, for everyday Australians to get support for their mental health.

Commitment in the Age of choice

Navigating Choice

In the age of dating apps, infinite career paths, and the appeal of endless possibilities, people find themselves facing a challenge: choice. With an ever-expanding range of options, commitment, whether in relationships or careers, can feel more daunting than ever. As Online psychologists and therapists we are delving deeper into this.

The Challenge

At first glance, more choices seem to mean more freedom and autonomy. However, too many options can lead to analysis paralysis, decision fatigue, and increased anxiety about making the "wrong" choice. When it comes to love and work – two core aspects of human life – the overwhelming range of options can sometimes lead to a fear of commitment.

The Impact on Millennial Relationships and Careers

  1. Relationships: With the swipe culture, the idea that "someone better might be just around the corner" can stop genuine connections. The abundance of potential partners can make it harder for individuals to settle down and invest in deepening a single relationship.
  2. Careers: The gig economy, freelancing, and countless entrepreneurial opportunities mean that millennials often hop from one job to another, seeking the "perfect fit." While exploration is beneficial, it sometimes leads to a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Finding Commitment in the Chaos: Guidance from Online Therapists

  1. Self-Reflection: Spend time understanding your values and priorities. What truly matters to you in a relationship or career? This personal compass can guide your choices.
  2. Limiting Options: Intentionally limit your options. For instance, rather than swiping endlessly on dating apps, set a specific time or number of profiles per day. Or, when job hunting, focus on specific roles or industries aligned with your passion.
  3. Embrace Imperfection: Understand that no choice will be 100% perfect. Every relationship or job will have its challenges. The key is to find what aligns most with your values.
  4. Seek Professional Guidance: If feelings of indecision and anxiety become overwhelming, consider consulting an online psychologist. They can offer strategies to cope with choice-related stress and provide clarity.
  5. Practice Gratitude: Regularly reflect on the positive aspects of your choices. Embracing gratitude can reduce the constant craving for something "better."


While the huge range of choices we all face today can be dizzying, with the right tools and perspectives, commitment doesn't have to be elusive. Embracing the depth of experience over breadth, and seeking guidance when needed, can lead to fulfilling relationships and careers in this time of endless choices. If you need more support navigating this, connect with our to team to match you up with your perfect psychologist.