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Speak with our Mental Health nurses to give us the chance to get to know each other and make sure we’re pairing you up with the absolute best psychologist.

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This form is important so you’re all set for your sessions with your psychologist, no more paper work for you after this. Also shows you how to get set up with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).

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Time for help, less wait times. In these sessions our psychologist will establish clear goals with you and outline exactly what you need to do to achieve this.


Our Team are AHPRA registered and have a diverse skillset to support your journey to mental wellness. From Registered Psychologists to Clinical Psychologists, we have a wide range of professional expertise when and where you need it.


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Get the support you need when you want, where you want. Through our online system our team of psychologists are there when you most need them.


We know that changing habits and behaviours can be hard, especially when your next session is in a fortnight. That's why we have qualified mental health nurses assigned to you after your session to ensure that you're still reaching your goals in between sessions.


Choosing the right psychologist that suits you is not easy. At Recharge, we believe in giving our clients the power to connect with a therapist that aligns with you. If you don't vibe with your psychologist, you can easily pick another one so your treatment isn't paused.


Yes 🙂 Our Registered Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are selected by Recharge.

A Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) is a support plan written by a GP and it is available to anyone who feels they would benefit from psychological support for mental health concerns. A MHCP is usually accompanied by a referral from your GP to see a psychologist.

With a MHCP you can now access up to 20 Medicare-subsidised or bulk billed psychology sessions per calendar year. After your tenth session, your psychologist will require a MHCP review from your GP, so you can access the remaining 10 psychology sessions subsidised or bulk billed.

Please speak to your private health insurer directly about your level of cover, to see whether you’re eligible to claim some or all of the cost of each psychology session.  This claim will be lodged by the client.

We understand that sometimes you might not click with your therapist. If this happens, we will give you the option to choose another psychologist more suited towards your needs. 

Our Team AHPRA registered and have a diverse range of professional expertise to support your journey to mental wellness.

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