It is quite common to feel out of sorts, especially with the unprecedented times that we’ve seen over the last two years with the COVID-19 pandemic. For a lot of us, we may find ourselves in a bit of a slump and need a little help to get us back to feeling like our old selves again. There is a rising number of people experiencing some form of sadness with 15% of the Australian population aged 16 up to 85 diagnosed with an affective disorder. This equates to 2.83 million people currently, making it a highly important issue to address. For these reasons, it is necessary more than ever to get therapeutic assistance and that can be made possible with our online counselling for depression.

At Recharge Wellness, we are dedicated to offering guidance to help make a difference to the mental health of those around us. On top of our online help for depression, we offer a range of counselling services including anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, anger, grief & loss, trauma and many other situations. Founders Femi and Nick started the organisation when they had seen there was not enough mental health services available in the wider community. Our team of professional psychologists can make sure you receive proper assistance regardless of your particular circumstances. With our high-tech and fast thinking programmes, we can guarantee  our online depression treatment will help you spring back. 

What is Depression?

Depression is characterised as persistent low feelings of sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness that occurs longer than 2 weeks. This can often present itself as loss of interest in the things that we used to enjoy doing. For instance, you may used to love going to the gym and spending time with your friends but lately you’ve been feeling like doing either of those activities. Feelings of melancholy can seriously impact our lives as it may stop us from doing the things we enjoy and make it functioning in the way we’re used to near impossible.

Although it is a serious mood disorder, it is very common and there are many therapeutic options to help. If left untreated, misery can lead to suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.  At Recharge, they aim to provide sound and effective online depression counselling in order to help combat this.

What is Depression

What works?

It is really important to focus on using evidence based approaches that have a proven track record of actually working. All of our psychologists only use evidence based online depression treatment therapies and modalities to help you get the best possible outcome.

Although having evidence based approaches is essential, it isn’t the be all and end all. Without an empathetic and experienced psychologist, getting what you want out of psychotherapy is very difficult. Our psychologists all have years of clinical experience and have worked on a vast range of people with different life experiences. They all also have varying specialities which is why the intake and matching call is so important, it ensures you get linked up with the right psychologist for your online support for depression. 

Benefits Of Online Depression Counselling

What to expect?

Online depression counseling is a long term process, requiring a perspective that is accepting of that. Sometimes when we’re feeling low, we want things to change instantly but often we need multiple sessions with the therapist to start making steps in the right direction.

During your sessions for online depression treatment, the psychologist will help you uncover your triggers and most importantly give you appropriate guidance. This will help you gain invaluable insight and learn skills that you can use to help you live life more on your terms.

Benefits Of Online Depression Counselling 

Our online support for depression will help you develop essential coping skills so that you can combat the struggles of life in an effective and beneficial way. These positive coping mechanisms will assist with keeping you at baseline.

Some skills that our online counseling for depression sessions will focus on will be:

  • Self soothing strategies
  • Thought management
  • Improving emotional regulation
  • Stress management

What Are The Next Steps?

If you or anyone you know is undergoing a personal struggle, it is important to connect with a psychologist and start the healing process as soon as possible.
At Recharge, we connect you with the right psychologist for your personal situation to make the process easier. To get matched with your perfect therapist, you can call us on 1800 811 901 or submit an enquiry and one of our mental health nurses will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our Team are AHPRA registered and have a diverse range of professional expertise to support your journey to mental wellness.

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